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Easy and Effortless Waste Disposal with Our Bin Rentals

Bin Rentals

Our experienced disposal team is ready to collect your residential and commercial waste, so you don’t have to worry about making a trip to the landfill yourself.

With Fresh Start’s garbage bin rental service, you can conveniently dispose of residential and commercial waste without the hassle of landfill trips.

Our experienced team guides you in selecting the right dumpster from a range of sizes, tailored to your specific needs in construction, renovation, landscaping, or junk removal. No matter the size required, we ensure you get the perfect bin. From home clearances to large construction sites, we take care of bin delivery, collection, and proper disposal.

We have the following bin sizes: 18-Yard Bin, 12-Yard Bin, 9-Yard Bin, 7-Yard Bin, 6-Yard Bin

Our service provides a temporary waste storage solution for various projects, allowing you to focus on your tasks while we handle efficient waste management. Contact our expert team today for bookings and comprehensive garbage removal information.

Our garbage bin rental service goes beyond simply providing bins to you. We prioritize planet-friendly practices, employing a three-step approach: recycle, donate, and dispose responsibly.

Minimizing environmental impact is our priority. We use small trucks, adhere strictly to Vancouver’s no-idling rules, and even commute on scooters when not delivering bins.

Rest assured, every recyclable item from each bin is properly processed. We handle various materials responsibly, making specific stops before landfilling. Electronics, HP laser toner cartridges, garden waste, concrete/tile/rock, drywall, plastics, and scrap metal all find sustainable destinations. Additionally, we collaborate with Return It and Recycling Alternatives for blue box recycling.

Rent a bin from us today for a swift and eco-friendly waste management solution in your home, office, building, company, garage, or any other space.

Types of Projects We Can Take On

With extensive knowledge in garbage management, recycling, and safe disposal, we offer tailored solutions for your projects. From construction sites to residential homes, offices, educational institutions, and more, we are here to swiftly address your waste management needs.

Types of Rubbish We Can Help You Dispose

  • Construction Waste
  • Strata & Commercial Waste
  • Excavation & Demolition Waste
  • Drywall (You must declare the drywall is newer than 1984)
  • Dirt & Concrete Waste
  • Landscape Debris & Green Waste
  • Household Garbage (Battery, Tires, Mattresses, Boxes, Non-Clear Bags)
  • Tree Stumps & Tree Logs
  • Creosote / Treated Wood
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Amanda Mungal Icon
Amanda Mungal
We used Thomas and his crew for our beginning of spring clean out - I put everything in the garage I didn't want and they sorted it into recycling, donation and disposal - saving me a ton of time. Got the job done in a professional manner. Love you guys!
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Posted on
Julie M. Icon
Julie M.
Thank you so much, from a damsel in distress! I was pleased with Thomas Goodall's service from Fresh Start. Right from my first telephone conversation he eased my mind and fit me in earlier than his schedule allowed. The movers were polite and took away my Queen-size bed in a courteous manner. The price was affordable -- not the $500. minimum that another Company quoted. The communication was excellent. I would use this Company again and recommend them.
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Posted on
Michelle Toyong Icon
Michelle Toyong
Excellent team and very efficient. Took my furnitures in no time. The disposal fee is affordable and saved us time doing the works ourselves. It was very easy to pay online as well.
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Posted on
Leif Stainsby Icon
Leif Stainsby
Willow & her Lead Hand were on time and quick to deal with all the mess we needed removed. Very grateful quick and efficient service.
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Posted on
Lara Spence Icon
Lara Spence
Thomas Goodall and the Fresh Start team are amazing, they are on time, very professional, and get the job done. They are very knowledgeable about recycling, so can ensure that items get to the right place to be processed correctly. Highly recommended!
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Posted on
Dayne Ziegler Icon
Dayne Ziegler
Great group of guys showing up on time every time!
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Posted on
Jovanka J. Icon
Jovanka J.
Fast, efficient service. Quick billing and easy to work with. Thanks
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Posted on
Who We Are

We're junk haulers with heart

Helping our community thrive is our heart. We’re dedicated junk haulers who use our talent for cleaning up big messes to create opportunities for growth in our community – particularly Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES).

Our approach to every project is simple: we show up on time, sort thoroughly, recycle conscientiously, and haul efficiently. Our team consists of a variety of keen, capable hires – from recent grads with impeccable business acumen to people who’ve faced employment barriers in the past.

Together, this dedicated motley crew completes every task meticulously and leaves every site with a smile.

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